Sunday, March 11, 2007

Rea Gardner Memoir

Rea's memoir covers 1891 to 1957. The year 1957
was time of his/Pansy's big trip to the East Coast,
watching the Hill Cumorah Pagent, and visiting places
he had seen in 1910-1912 on his Mission - and much
more, ending with a flat tire as they, and Ganky, drove
into the Gridley back yard, as linked below:

Click here: link

Hopefully it works for everyone. Enjoy.

Rea has a later Memoir, covering later years -
which I'll find and post. In addition Colin created
a video record, taped when Rea was 90. This record
should be linked here by YouTube, or a related
service. If anyone knows link to YouTube, drop
me a note, and we'll work out the detailed steps.

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for any reason at all.

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