Sunday, March 11, 2007

1912 Mormon Trail, and stories

This blog begins by linking to Wikipedia's

Archibald Gardner article

and, a blog of Serenus (Cy) Gardner, son
of Archibald and Serena,

click on: Sy Gardner.

The I walked the Mormon Trail is now available, please download..


These well written stories were penned by Rea after years of
telling them orally. As noted, Wilda's husband Lloyd Chittock
had requested that the oral stories be written down. Thank you
Lloyd, and Rea for providing this small glimpse into Rea's life,
as Rea saw it. Archibald, Cy and Rea loved to tell stories, a
family tradition it seems. In Rea's case he reported his life's
high points - topping Brigham Young's name - on one Mormon
Trail site, as noted in the linked story.

Also, an outdated list of Rea and Pansy descendants has been added. At least the following is a start.

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