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1912 Mormon Trail, and stories

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and, a blog of Serenus (Cy) Gardner, son
of Archibald and Serena,

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The I walked the Mormon Trail is now available, please download..


These well written stories were penned by Rea after years of
telling them orally. As noted, Wilda's husband Lloyd Chittock
had requested that the oral stories be written down. Thank you
Lloyd, and Rea for providing this small glimpse into Rea's life,
as Rea saw it. Archibald, Cy and Rea loved to tell stories, a
family tradition it seems. In Rea's case he reported his life's
high points - topping Brigham Young's name - on one Mormon
Trail site, as noted in the linked story.

Also, an outdated list of Rea and Pansy descendants has been added. At least the following is a start.

Rea Gardner Memoir

Rea's memoir covers 1891 to 1957. The year 1957
was time of his/Pansy's big trip to the East Coast,
watching the Hill Cumorah Pagent, and visiting places
he had seen in 1910-1912 on his Mission - and much
more, ending with a flat tire as they, and Ganky, drove
into the Gridley back yard, as linked below:

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Hopefully it works for everyone. Enjoy.

Rea has a later Memoir, covering later years -
which I'll find and post. In addition Colin created
a video record, taped when Rea was 90. This record
should be linked here by YouTube, or a related
service. If anyone knows link to YouTube, drop
me a note, and we'll work out the detailed steps.

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Rea Gardner Missionary Journal, 1910 to 1912

Rea spent two years in the Eastern states, mostly New York. His diary/ journal
details many activities and views of economics and politics of the period as well
as his growing interest in the Gospel.

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